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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Call Quality Indicator | Frequently Asked Questions

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SummaryCall Quality Indicator FAQs

1. Does the Call Quality Indicator work with iOS and Android devices?

Yes, the Call Quality Indicator is compatible with both iOS and Android RingCentral mobile apps. 

2. What does the Call Quality Indicator measure?

The indicator represents the measurement of packet loss. Three (3) dots represent an Excellent connection, Two (2) dots represent an average connection and One (1) dot represents a poor connection. 

3. Do I need to download the latest version for the Call Quality Indicator to work?

Yes, iOS and Android users need to download the latest app and the Call Quality Indicator will display automatically in all your active calls. 

4. What will display on the screen if my call is placed on hold?

The Call Quality Indicator will not be visible on your screen.

5. If my call indicator is displaying red or yellow, can I do anything to improve the call quality?

Yes, you may move your location or change connection as data loss can also be attributed to signal strength.  You may also use Wi-Fi for high-speed Internet connection and not use VoIP.

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