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RingCentral Meetings - Desktop | Schedule and Update a Meeting

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SummaryScheduling or updating a RingCentral Meeting is typically done by the Host of the meeting. It can be done using the RingCentral Meeting for Desktop or Mobile. A Meeting ID is generated once you have scheduled a meeting and invites are sent to participants by email, as a private message or through text messaging. When you invite via default calendar or Gmail calendar, the invitation instructions are automatically pasted to the invite. You can also choose to copy the invitation URL.

IMPORTANT: Scheduling a Meeting using RingCentral Meetings for Desktop prompts you to create and save the Meeting event in your Calendar app, such as Outlook or Google Calendar. 

RingCentral Meetings - Schedule and Update a Meeting 

Schedule a meeting 
Update a meeting 

Schedule a meeting  

1. Log in to RingCentral Meetings.

2. Click Schedule.

3. Provide details for the following: 


Set the meeting topic.


Select the datetime and the duration of your Meeting (local, device time zone).

Recurring meeting

Select if you would like a recurring meeting (i.e. the meeting ID will be persistent for the recurring meetings.

Video (when joining a meeting)

Start your Meeting with video mode ON or OFF for Host and Participants.

Audio Options 

• Select to allow TelephonyVoIP OnlyBoth or select 3rd Party Audio.
• You can also click Edit to dial in from a Global Office. Dial in numbers for the selected countries will be listed in the email invitation.

NOTE: 3rd Party Audio feature is OFF by default. Account Administrators can enable this feature account-wide and for Users. Account Administrators can go to Tools > Meetings > Meetings Settings > Audio Options and enable 3rd party audio conference. If you want to use this feature, make sure this feature is ON in your online account before a meeting. In your online account, click Settings > Meetings > click Edit on the Audio Options section and enable 3rd party audio conference. From there, Account Administrators and Users can also change the Dial-in number and the Access code.

Meeting Options 

Tick the checkbox/es to enable the following options:

• Require meeting password 

Enable join before host 

Mute participants on entry

Use Personal Meeting ID - Using your Personal Meeting ID allows Participants of your scheduled meeting to dial in to this number instead of the automated Meeting ID. If you want to change your Personal Meeting ID according to your preference, just click on the drop-down menu on your RingCentral Meetings for Desktop, click on Personal Meeting ID > Change.

• Schedule for - This will be available when a User has selected you to schedule meetings for him/her. See RingCentral Meetings - Desktop | Schedule Meetings for Me to learn more.

NOTE: Some Advanced Options will be available when enabled in your online account. See RingCentral Meetings: Configuring the Settings for the Account and Users


Select the calendar where you want your scheduled meeting to appear on.

• For Windows: Outlook 
• For Mac:  iCal
Google Calendar
Other Calendars

4. Click Schedule.

• You preferred Calendar application will then launch to let you send a meeting invite to your Participants.
• You can skip sending a meeting invite. Your meeting will still be scheduled in your RingCentral Meetings for Desktop and in your preferred Calendar application.
• If you selected Other Calendars, click Copy to Clipboard and paste your scheduled meeting invite on your preferred platform.

Update a meeting  

1. In RingCental Meetings, click Meetings.

2. Click Edit on the scheduled meeting you want to update.

3. Make the necessary changes to the scheduled meeting and then click Save.

• You preferred Calendar application will then launch to let you send an updated meeting invite to your Participants.

If you selected Other Calendars, click Copy to Clipboard and paste your scheduled meeting invite on your preferred platform.


When setting up a RingCentral Meeting from a Global Office, a Conference bridge and Meeting ID will be generated. You can use the conference bridge to join the meeting or select the specific US International Dial-In number or UK International Dial-In number for the country you are located in.

• Non-recurring meeting ID will expire 30 days after the meeting is started. You can re-start the same meeting ID within the 30days.  

You can re-use the meeting ID for future occurrence. That means, if you need to re-schedule a meeting, simply update your schedule on your calendar. It is not necessary to update the meeting on the RingCentral Meetings scheduler. You can do so if you want by clicking on Meetings > Edit. However, this is not necessary. 

• We also do not need an Outlook plugin as we do not need to sync your calendar and the RingCentral Meetings scheduler. The Meeting ID provided is robust enough for you to make changes to your calendar without having to sync calendars and RingCentral Meetings scheduler.

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