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1. Who can update Company Settings?
You must be an Administrator of your RingCentral online account to be able to update the company settings.

2. Can I add and set up users?
Yes.  As an administrator, you can add or create new users in your online account.  You can edit or assign new extensions for users. 

NOTE:  To learn how to add extension direct numbers, go to Adding a Direct Number to a User.  To add multiple user extensions, go to Adding Multiple Extensions to your RingCentral Account.

3. Can I set up business hours?
Yes.  As an administrator, you can set the phone system to work the same way the company does.   You can set up your business hours to route calls to the company during business hours and to be handled appropriately, such as routing to voicemail or an extension, during afterhours.  To learn how to do this, go to Setting your Company Business Hours, Timezone and Time Format.

4. Can I set call recording?
Yes.  There are two (2) ways to set call recording:

• On Demand Call Recording

On demand call recording will give all users the ability to record a specific call by pressing *9 to start recording and *9 when they are done.  To know more about this, go to Downloading and Listening to Automatic Call Recordings and On-Demand Call Recordings.

NOTE:  This can be turned ON or OFF at the company level by the administrator.

• Auto Call Recording

Administrators can set the system to automatically record an employee’s incoming and outgoing calls.  They can download and play back recordings for customer service evaluation, training purposes or for keeping compliance records.  To know more about this, go to Configuring the Call Recording Settings on your RingCentral account.

NOTE:  Automatic call recording is available only on select RingCentral plans.  State and federal laws require that callers hear a call-recording notification before and after their call are recorded.  Your company’s call recording procedures must comply with federal and state laws; RingCentral is not responsible for compliance.

5. Can I set up advanced call handling?
Yes.  As an administrator, you can set advanced Call Handling to create additional rules for your company.  For example when the company has holiday hours, you may want to treat incoming calls differently.

You can set up an advanced rule based on:
• Date and/or time of call
• Caller ID
• Number called

NOTE:  These rules override regular call handling rules for the company.  For more detailed instructions on how to do this, go to Setting a Rule Based on a Called Number.

6. Can I add and set up Groups?
Yes.  As an administrator or group manager, you can add, create, and set up groups any time. You can make specific groups of users such as sales, support and billing that need to share incoming calls. To learn how to do this, go to Groups Overview.

7. Can I set up call handling rules?
Yes.  As an administrator, you can use the Auto-Receptionist to:

• Choose how incoming calls are handled during normal business hours as well as after hours.  To learn how to do this, go to Setting your Company Business Hours, Timezone and Time Format.
• Specify the greeting callers will hear.  To learn how to do this, go to Setting Up the Company Greeting via the Auto-Receptionist.

In Auto-Receptionist, you’ll find these options:
• Company Hours
• Greetings and Company Calls
• Dial by Name Directory
• Operator Extension
• Call Recording

NOTE:  To learn more about the Auto-Receptionist, go to Setting Up Company Settings via the Auto-Receptionist.

8. Can I order and configure phones?
Yes.  As an administrator, you can add or change phone assignment (to digital lines) to be used for inbound and outbound calling.  To view the list of tested phones that work with your RingCentral service, go to List of Tested Phones with RingCentral.  To learn how to purchase an IP phone or digital line from your online account, go to Purchasing an IP Phone or RingCentral DigitalLine from the Online Account.

9. Can I add additional phone numbers?
Yes.  You can use additional phone numbers to establish a local presence, gain nationwide credibility or to have direct-dial access to a particular department.  As an administrator, you have the option to add toll free numbers, local numbers and/or vanity numbers.  To learn how to do this, go to Adding Phone Numbers to Your RingCentral Account.
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