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Company Settings - Add company logo to your RingCentral account

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SummaryHow do I add a Company Logo to my RingCentral account?
You can add your company logo on your RingCentral online account.  This will appear at the top-right corner of your online interface once you log in. 

NOTE:  You need to be an account administrator to perform this action.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Go to Tools > Appearance

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Step 3:

On the Appearance page, you may upload an image for your logo and also set a URL to load when you click on the logo

User-added image

• Only JPEG, GIF or PNG image files can be uploaded.
• Only one graphic image can be displayed at a time.
• Maximum file size: 600 kb
• Optimal picture size: 136 x 34 pixels.
• Clicking on RESET APPEARANCE resets the link and removes the logo from your online account.

Step 4:

Click Browse to select your image file, then click Attach to upload the file. Input a URL (sample: https://service.ringcentral.co.uk) on the space provided if you want to link to a website or specific URL when clicking on the logo.  

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Step 5:

Click Submit to apply your changes.

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