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SummaryThis article provides information on how to add direct numbers to Users as an Administrator. A Direct Number is a phone number that can be dialed to connect directly to a User without going through the Operator or Auto-Receptionist. 


Add Direct Number to User 

A Phone number assigned to a Desk phone or Softphone, also known as a DigitalLine, is also considered as a Direct number. If you want to add a number tied to a phone, go to Adding and Provisioning Phones

​NOTE: RingCentral has set limits for the protection of customers from fraudulent activities or over usage. When you add a number, you may get a message saying that you have exceeded the maximum allowed value that can be processed on your account in a single billing cycle. For security purposes, please contact RingCentral Customer Service to verify your Billing Information and request an account limit increase and proceed with your desired transaction.  

The ability to Add a Direct Number is only available to Users assigned to the following Roles: 

1. Super Admin (Predefined Role)

2. Custom Role

A Custom Role needs to have these permissions to allow a User to add a Direct Number:
• User Settings: Phones & Numbers 
• Phone System: Company Numbers & Info

To allow a User to add a Direct Number to other Users. The user must have these permissions:
User Management: Users
User Settings: Phones & Numbers
Phone System: Company Numbers & Info
User Roles and Permissions


Adding a Direct Number to a User 

As an Administrator, you have the ability to configure the settings of another User in your RingCentral account. To add a Direct Number to a User, follow the steps below.

NOTE: The images provided on the steps below were taken from the Super Admin's perspective. The tabs and other sections visible on your RingCentral Online account may vary depending on your Role and permissions granted to you by the Super Admin.
2. Go to Users > User List.

User-added image
3. Select the User you want to configure.
4. Go to Phones & Numbers > Numbers. Click Add Direct Number.
User-added image


5. Click the links below for more information on the Direct Number you want to add.
The following type of numbers can be added and assigned to a User's extension.

Local (Domestic) Number
Toll-Free Number
Vanity Number
International Number


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