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SummaryHow do I set a user's Caller ID as an Administrator?


Set a User's Caller ID as Admin

Required: Administrator access with the following Administrator roles:
• Super Admin
• User Admin
• Custom Roles with access to User Management & User Settings > Outbound Caller ID 

1. Go to Users > User list > Users With Extensions
2. Select the User from the list. 
3. Click the Outbound Calls/Faxes tab.

User-added image

4. Click Caller ID

User-added image
5. Select which phone number should be set as the User's Caller ID number for outgoing calls made either by phone or by feature. To set the number, click the Edit button located under each phone/calling feature.​

If you select Toll-Free number or Blocked as your Default Caller ID for any of your endpoints/calling features, you can also select an alternate local number to use in case we detect that your call will not go through.

6. Click Done.
7. Click Save button located at the bottom of the page. 

If you are a User and would like to set your Caller ID, follow the steps in Caller ID - Set your Caller ID 

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