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SummaryThis article provides information about the User's Roles and Permissions.

User Roles and Permissions

User Roles give Administrators the ability to control what users can do within the system, without giving full administrator access. A Role is a collection of Permissions which could be based on a job function. Permissions are assigned to Roles and Roles are assigned to Users.

Key Features and Benefits

• Enforce company security policy with flexible role-based access control

• Empower an admin to assign roles to Users and grant permissions based on the positions in the companies

• Out of box solution for fast onboarding. Easily grant the access privilege to selected Users with 7 pre-defined roles 

• Ability to create custom roles that meet business needs (for Office Premium and Ultimate customers only)

• Templates and bulk upload options to efficiently assign the roles among Users across an organization

• Set Custom Roles as Default roles for Users


The Predefined User Roles and Permissions feature is available to all RingCentral Office customers. The Custom Roles and Permissions feature is available to Office Premium and Ultimate ONLY with up to 2 or more Users.

Use Case Scenario

A telemarketing company wants to limit the phone configuration access only to the IT Department, and allow the rest of the employees to have general access to their own phones. The Super Admin can assign the predefined Phone System Admin role to all IT Staff. He can then assign the Standard (International) or Standard roles to the rest of the employees.

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