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Forward Calls from your Current Provider to your RingCentral Number

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SummaryMaintain your phone number with your current provider, and forward calls automatically to your RingCentral account.

This article demonstrates how account Administrators can set this up via the RingCentral online account.

1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral account

2. Go to Admin Portal > Phone System > Phone Numbers > Forward Number.

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3. Enter the Phone Number where the calls will be forwarded from. Toll-Free Numbers cannot be forwarded.

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4. You will have 2 options where the calls from your Existing Phone Number will be forwarded; either to the Auto-Receptionist or to a specific extension. Choose between the two options, and then click Next.

Company Auto-Receptionist
When forwarded calls are routed to the Company Auto-Receptionist, Company Call Handling rules will be implemented. 

When forwarded calls are routed directly to an Extension, the Extension's all Handling & Call Forwarding rules will be implemented.

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5. You will see a Confirmation window that your RingCentral account is ready to accept calls from your non-RingCentral number. Click Done.

6. On the Confirmation window, you will see instructions for Ordering Call Handling from your number's service provider. In order for RingCentral to answer your existing home or home office telephone line, you will need to order Busy Call Handling and No Answer Call Handling* from your local telephone company. 


Ordering Call Handling

Contact your local telephone company's Customer Service department and request that the telephone features Busy Call Handling and No Answer Call Handling* be installed on your telephone line.

Be sure to indicate that you would like Fixed call handling, and not variable or basic.

Your telephone company will ask you to which number you would like your calls forwarded. This number is your Main RingCentral Phone Number.

The telephone company must enter this forwarding number exactly as listed, including the "1" before the number prefix, in order for RingCentral to work. Ask the Customer Service Representative to repeat the number back to you to verify that it was entered into their system correctly.

When ordering No Answer Call Handling, you must choose how many rings you would like to hear before your calls are forwarded to RingCentral. You may choose as many or as little as you like, however we recommend that you set it to four (4) rings.

* If the Customer Service Representative says these features are not available, ask to speak to a supervisor. These features are available almost everywhere in the US.


Telephone Company Charges

Your local phone company may charge you a small activation fee and an ongoing monthly fee for these call handling services. Please check with your phone company for details on these charges.


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