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SummaryYour RingCentral system comes with a default personal greeting, such as "Thank you for calling (user name)." Custom greetings allow you to change what callers hear when they connect to an extension. The User Greeting feature is disabled by default and is not a personal voicemail announcement. You can have this option enabled if you prefer the system to answer the call with a recorded welcome message so callers know they have reached the right person.
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Set Up an Extension's User Greeting

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online account as an administrator.

2. On the User list > Users With Extensions tab, click the User that you need to set up.

Set Up User Greetings as Admin

3. Click Screening, Greeting, & Hold Music.

4. Click User Hours or After Hours.

5. Check Enable below User Greeting, then click Edit.

6. Click the drop down and change Set Greeting to Custom.

Make sure Set Greeting is set to Custom.

7. Select how you prefer to customize the User Greeting, then follow the instructions.

Phone - enter your phone number and click Call Now. The system will call you. Follow the voice prompts to record your greeting.
Computer Microphone - press the record button to start recording your greeting. Press the stop button to stop recording. To finalize your recorded greeting, click the upload button.
• Importing - click Browse to select your MP3 or WAV audio file. Click Upload to begin uploading.

8. Click Done.

9. Click Save.

NOTE: Users can also set up their own greetings from their online account. See User: Set up User Greeting for detailed instructions.

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