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International Calling - Enable Blocked International Calling Destinations | RingCentral

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SummaryHow do I enable a blocked international calling destination?
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International Calling - Enable Blocked International Calling Destinations | RingCentral

NOTE: To enable a blocked international calling destination, you need to sign a disclaimer accepting responsibility for costs associated with fraudulent transactions. RingCentral recommends that the block is kept in place until you encounter a blocked call. Should you still require to call the blocked destination despite the risks, you can send a request for RingCentral to grant access, allowing a blacklisted destination to become a whitelisted destination.
2. Read and understand the Agreement form and fill it out with the following information:
• Desired Destinations
• Customer
• Signature
• Printed Name
• Title
• Date

You can request as many destinations as you like, however RingCentral recommends that you list only the specific destinations that you need to call.
3. Open the RingCentral Support page. 
4. Click Open a Case.

User-added image
5. Make sure that your contact information is correct.

6. Under I Need Assistance With, select the following: 
Product Area: Billing
Product Issue: International Calling Rates

7. Set the Severity Level to Level 4- Medium

8. Fill out the Subject and Description fields then click Next.

9. Provide an alternate email address.

10. You will see a list of Knowledge Base articles. Click No, Submit Case

11. Attach and Upload the accomplished Whitelist Customer Agreement form. 

NOTE: You will receive an update from RingCentral within 48 hours after submitting the case. You can also check the status and update your case online by clicking on Check My Case Status.

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