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SummaryNumber Porting or Number Transfer is a process that allows your number from your previous provider to be transferred to RingCentral. This article outlines the number transfer process and links you to all the resources for Number Transfer to RingCentral UK

Number Porting - Overview

Number transfer resources:

Number Transfer - Transfer your Local Number to RingCentral UK
A step-by-step guide on the number transfer process on your RingCentral Online Account.

Number Transfer - Frequently Asked Questions | RingCentral UK
Questions that you may encounter during the number transfer process

Number Transfer - Tips to ensure a Successful Number Transfer | RingCentral UK
Tips that will help you with processing your number transfer.

Number Transfer Process Outline

These steps outline the overall Number transfer process. For the step-by-step guide on the number transfer, follow the steps on Number Transfer - Transfer your Local Number to RingCentral UK.
1. Once your RingCentral account is active, put in a request through the RingCentral portal to transfer (an) existing phone number(s) to your RingCentral account. Log in to your RingCentral Admin Portal. Select Phone System > Phone Numbers > Transferred > Transfer Numbers.

2. Follow the on-screen instructions and provide the needed information to send a transfer request to your current service provider. The information you supply must match exactly what’s on record with your current provider.

3. The RingCentral Number Transfer team will send your transfer request to your current service provider.

4. Set up your options on your temporary RingCentral number(s) so you can make and receive calls while the move takes place.

5. On the day of service, there’ll be a loss of service for up to three hours, depending on the number type. Once the process is complete, we will send you an email to let you know your preferred number(s) can now be used with RingCentral.
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