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Passwords - Maximize security of your RingCentral account

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SummaryHow do I maximize the security of my RingCentral account?
Your RingCentral Account security is now updated with a New Forgot-Password UI and flow and enforced with a two-factor authentication for three-legged login. With this update in security, you can reset passwords by answering a security question, or by sending an email. When you log in after the password reset, you will be asked to verify your account by entering a Security Code that you can get via email, or voice call. RingCentral will use the Email Address and Contact Number listed in your extension's details to send the Security Code. To learn how to update your User Information, go to Updating the User Information and Details on your RingCentral Online account.

If an account compromise is suspected, such as a sudden burst in unexplained calling credit purchases or unsolicited calls on your RingCentral account, the following things are recommended to be done:
NOTE: Starting October 24, 2013, all new account sign-ups are required to create an alphanumeric password and PIN. Existing customers were prompted to create an alphanumeric password and PIN upon reset. Users must install the latest version of the Mobile App and Desktop App for the alphanumeric password to work.
  • Update password for every extension - It is recommended that the password for every extension be reset every so often to prevent fraud, hacking and unauthorized use of the account.  
  • Disable International Calling - In some cases, the password update will not secure the account, such as reconfiguring a device or device registration theft. Disabling International calling in these cases will help reduce the expense pending fraud prevention’s investigation.
NOTE: By default, RingCental customers are blocked from calling certain international phone numbers or Blacklisted Destinations because they are frequently implicated in fraudulent calling schemes.

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