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SummaryThis article provides information on how to disable and/or delete a group or an extension via the RingCentral Online Account.

Groups - How to Enable, Disable, Delete

Possible scenarios when to enable, disable or delete a group or an extension:

• Enable a newly created group.
• Enable a previously disabled group.
• Disable an active group currently inactive but will be used in the feature.
• Delete a disabled group that will no longer be used.
• A new Account Administrator tests the Online Account, had created test groups and needs to delete the group that were previously created in error.

NOTE: Only Account Administrators can enable, disable, or delete groups.


Enable Groups

You will know that a Group is disabled when the it shows Red on its status. To enable a currently disabled Group, click the Enable button on the disabled Group.

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Disable Groups

You can Disable a Group if you want to use it again in the future. If you do not need to use a Group in the future, you can delete it.
1. Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral account

2. Go to Phone System > Groups. Select the tab where the group you want to disable is listed. In this Example, The Paging Only tab is selected to disable a Paging Only group.

3. On the list of groups, click the Disable button on the group that you want to disable.

4. A confirmation window will appear. Click Disable to proceed.

IMPORTANT:  Once a group is disabled, its settings will not work. In this example, The Paging Group won't be able to receive messages. Make sure to have a different group prepared to address your needs to avoid issues.  


Delete Groups

You can delete a group if you no longer wish to use it in the future.
1. You must first Disable the Group that you wish to delete.

2. On the list of groups, click the Delete button on the group that you want to delete.

3. A confirmation window will appear, read the WARNING! and click Delete to proceed.

NOTE: If the group that you deleted has a direct number assigned, it will go to Phone System > Phone Numbers > Company, and they will forward to the auto-receptionist, until re-assigned.
IMPORTANT:  Once a group is deleted, the settings and information in that group will no longer work and you cannot re-enable the group, you have to create a new group. See Setting Up a Call Queue group. Make sure to have a different group prepared to address your needs to avoid issues.


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