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Company Settings - Customize Company Greeting | RingCentral Phone Mobile

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SummaryHow do I customize the company greeting through my RingCentral mobile app?
This article demonstrates how Account Administrators can set up your Company Greeting through the RingCentral Mobile App.

Step 1:

Launch the RingCentral Mobile App on your device.

Mobile app icon

Step 2:

Tap My Profile.

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Step 3:

Tap Phone System.

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Step 4:

Tap Auto-Receptionist.

Mobile app - My Profile - Phone System - Tap Auto Receptionist

Step 5:

Tap Greeting & Company Calls.

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Step 6:

You can select the hours for which setting you want to configure:

• Company Hours - ​this is your hours of operation where anyone can receive incoming company calls.​
• After Hours - this is when there is no one available to take calls. Greetings set here will inform callers of your unavailability. 

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Step 7:

Tap Play company greeting.

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Step 8:

Tap Greeting.

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NOTE:  A default company greeting is set. If you wish to customize this setting, proceed with the next steps.

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Step 9:

Tap Custom and then tap Re-record.

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Step 10:

Enter the phone number where RingCentral can call you to record your Company Greeting, and then tap Call Now to initiate the call. RingCentral will call your forwarding number to record your greeting. Further instructions will be provided over the phone.

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Step 11:

Tap Done to save changes.

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