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UI Updates with Search Overview

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SummaryWhat is the UI Updates with Search?
This article will discuss about the UI Updates with Search feature.  This feature enables the search capability to find needed information in both service web and mobile app.  This is most helpful to support organizations with larger list.

NOTE:  This free feature is only available to all RingCentral Office Edition in US, Canada and UK.

• Easily find specific users, company numbers, phones and departments.

• Increase the efficiency in phone system settings by searching needed information.

This feature is available on your online account and enables you to do the following:

Online account

• Search Company Number

• Search by Extension

User-added image

• Search by Department / Call Queue

 User-added image

• Search by Users
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• Search by Phones & Devices

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Mobile app

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You have now learned about the UI Updates with Search feature.

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