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SummaryEach country has different International calling charges. Before enabling International Calling on your RingCentral account, make sure that you are aware of the rates and charges for each country so you will be aware of your account's International calling credit consumption. 


International Calling - International Calling Rates 

A Purchased Calling Credits Package is needed when placing International calls. By default, your RingCentral account is set to automatically purchase $20 worth of Calling Credits to prevent potential interruption of service when using the International calling feature. To change the default, go to Billing - Setting up the Auto-Purchase Option.

International calls are charged at the current rates published in our international rates table. Calls to international toll-free numbers are charged per-minute, based on the country’s rate. For fax messages, one (1) page is approximately equivalent to one (1) minute. 

To view the International Calling rates for your region, click on the links below.

For customers in North America (United States and Canada)-  https://www.ringcentral.com/support/international-rates.html.

For customers in United Kingdom - https://www.ringcentral.co.uk/support/international-rates.html.


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