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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Active Call Controls

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SummaryActive Call Controls and Mobile app Overview

Active Call Controls are soft keys accessible to conveniently use various features on your RingCentral mobile app such as Hold, Mute, Keypad, Speaker, Flip, Transfer, Record, and Park.  

Active Call screen

The table below summarizes the mobile app Active Call Controls and its functions:

User-added imageHoldPuts the other party on the line on hold.
Tap the Blue Hold button User-added image to go back to the call.
User-added imageKeypadAllows you to use the keypad whenever you need to press numeric inputs to access a certain department or queue.
User-added imageSpeakerAllows you to toggle between using your headset and the loudspeaker of your device.

The Blue Speaker User-added image icon indicates that the call is on Speaker mode.
User-added imageFlipAllows you to flip your call from one device to another, as long as you have configured your Call Flip settings properly.
User-added imageTransferTransfers your active call to a different extension.
User-added imageRecordActivates the On demand Call Recording feature on your extension. Recordings will be saved in your extension's online account.

Press the Stop button User-added image to stop recording.
User-added imageParkThis will Park the call. A parked call can be retrieved by an extension within the phone system. 
User-added imageSwitch to CarrierTransfers a VoIP Call to your smart phone's mobile carrier so you can continue being in the same call.
User-added imageMuteDeactivates your microphone which may allow better incoming sound data from the other party. 

Tap the Unmute button User-added image to reactivate your microphone.
User-added imageEnd CallEnds an existing call.

NOTE: A notification appears when a poor network quality is detected. Smart recommendations are automatically displayed, presenting options to either continue with the current VoIP call or to switch to RingOut.

VoIP Call Smart Recommendations

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