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Updating your E999 address

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SummaryHow do I update my E999 address?

Updating the Emergency Address allows you to implement changes to the physical address of a Digital Line. Where available, this address will be provided to first responders when you make an emergency call using your RingCentral service.

Emergency Address is the address used to send to Fire / Police / other Emergency Services teams when a 999/112 call is placed. It is a requirement to provide an accurate address to ensure a timely response in case of emergency. If a phone is moved physically to a new address, that information must be updated immediately

To update your Emergency Address via the RingCentral UK Online Account, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Go Phone System > Phones & Devices.

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Step 3:

Select the device you need to edit the E999 dialling address.

Step 4:

On the Device Page, scroll down and click Edit Address.

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Step 5:

Read the Emergency Address form thoroughly and provide your information.

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IMPORTANT: Do NOT include special characters in the Customer Name field. Your address will be verified, so please enter a true physical address. Suite and apartment numbers should always be entered in the Apartment / Suite # field. Ensure to update this address whenever you change your physical location.

Step 6:

Use the scroll button to read more details regarding Emergency Address. Check the box to acknowledge and agree to that you have read and understand the Emergency Address service. Click I accept.

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Step 7:

On the bottom right of the device page, click Save.

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You have now updated your E999 address.
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