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Setting up Calling to Premium Rate Destinations for RingCentral UK

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SummaryHow do I access the calling rates list for premium numbers? How do I enable or disable calling to premium rate destinations?

Premium telephone numbers are numbers for telephone calls where certain services are provided, and are charged higher than normal prices. Calls to these premium rate destinations will be charged at the prices indicated and will be deducted from your purchased calling credits.

NOTE: Charges for calls to these numbers will be made through the Auto-purchase feature of the online account. The Auto-purchase feature of the online account must be enabled to prevent service interruptions.

This article demonstrates how the Account Administrator can execute the following actions via the Billing > Calling Rates section of the RingCentral Online Account

Access Calling Rates for Premium Rate Destinations
Enable/ Disable Calling to Premium Rate Destinations

Access Calling Rates for Premium Rate Destinations:

Step 1:

Log in as an Administrator to your RingCentral account.

Step 2:

Click Billing.

Admin Portal - Click Billing

Step 3:

Click Calling Rates.

Admin Portal - Billing - Click Calling Rates

You will see a list of Premium Rate Destinations with its corresponding rates.

Proceed to the section below if you would like to enable or disable calling to these destinations.


Enable/ Disable Calling to Premium Rate Destinations:

Step 1:

Access Premium Calling Rates on your Online Account.

Step 2:

Click the slider button Slider Button to either enable or disable calling to premium numbers.

The following slider buttons will appear to the right of a premium rate destination section:

Premium Rate Destinations Calling - Slider Button

Admin Portal - Billing - Calling Rates - Enable Premium Rate Destinations


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