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IVR - Import or Record Audio Prompts | RingCentral

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SummaryYou can import and record audio prompts in the Prompts library for your IVR Menus. This article will guide you how to access and configure the prompts library.


IVR - Import or Record Audio Prompts | RingCentral

NOTE:  You need to be an Administrator to perform the following steps below.

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account.

2. Click Auto-Receptionist under Phone System and then, click Prompts Library.

prompts library
3. On the Prompts Library you have the following options: 

• Import Prompts - Click on the Import Prompt button to import a .mp3 or .wav format from your local computer. Use this if you already have a pre-recorded file in mp3 or WAV format.

• Record Prompts - Click Record Prompts to record new prompts over the phone or using your computer's microphone.

• Record Prompts Professionally - Click Choose the voice that reflects your brand. You will be redirected to the Snap Recordings Website, where you can click on Get Started or Start a Chat with a Snap Recordings representative. 

• Download Prompts - Click on the Download button on the right side of your listed audio prompt.

• Delete Prompts - Tick on the checkbox of your listed audio prompt and click the Delete button.


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