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Integrations - RingCentral for Google | Disable floating bar on certain pages

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SummaryHow do I remove RingCentral for Google's floating bar?

How to disable RingCentral for Google's floating bar on certain pages



Users can open the RingCentral for Google app by clicking the icon located on the Chrome menu. 

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When the user minimizes the app, the user will see a floating bar on the page. 

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Users may want to disable the RingCentral floating bar on certain websites without disabling the app itself. 



If a user wants to disable the RingCentral floating bar on certain pages, they will need to take the following steps. 

1. Right click on the RingCentral icon on the Chrome menu, and then click on Options

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2. Click on the plus sign to add to the list of pages that will prohibit the RingCentral floating bar. 

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3. A box is provided where the user can either copy paste the URL as-is to block the RingCentral floating bar on that web page or use the wild card pattern to block the floating bar on all scheme and paths for that domain. 

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In this example, we added Salesforce to the list of urls that will prohibit the floating bar. The asterisk serves as a wildcard to replace or match one or more characters. 

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4. Click Save.

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