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Fax - Add fax number to RingCentral Fax account

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SummaryHow do I add a fax number to my RingCentral Online Fax Account?
Adding another fax number to an existing RingCentral Fax Online Account is possible.

Step 1:

Step 2:

Click Settings.
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Step 3:

Select Company Numbers.
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Step 4:

Click Add Number.

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Step 5:

You will see the Number Selector window, where you have the option to add the following: 

• Option 1: Local Number
• Option 2: Toll-Free Number
• Option 3: Vanity Number
Option 1: Local Number
You can add an additional Local Number for $4.99/month. Select your number from the list, and then click Next.
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Option 2: Toll-Free Number
You can add an additional Toll-Free Number (844, 855, 866, 877, 888) for $4.99/month. Select your number from the list and then click Next.

IMPORTANT: A one-time $30 setup fee applies when you choose a 800 Toll-Free Number. 
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Option 3: Vanity Number
A Vanity Number is a personalized phone number that also corresponds to a distinctive combination of letters on the telephone keypad, such as 1-888-MTRGAGE or 1-888-GARDENS, that is easy to remember. 
Step 1: 
Select Option 3: Vanity Number
Use * (asterisk) as a wildcard when searching for available numbers. If you want to find a number that ends with 'SALE', enter ***-SALE. 
Click Next after choosing your Vanity Number. 

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NOTE: After you click Next, the Vanity Number that you chose will be added to your list of Pending Numbers. Pending Numbers are not yet active on your account, either because you are transferring them from another provider or have requested a vanity number, which can take time to activate. We work to make the process as fast as possible, but some carriers have a long turnaround times. To view your Pending Numbers, go to Settings > Company Numbers > Pending Numbers.

IMPORTANT: A one-time $30 setup fee will be applied to your account after the Vanity Number is activated on your account. For more information, visit the miscellaneous section of the Number Transfer Request Frequently Asked Questions.
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