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Using the Call Handoff feature on the RingCentral mobile app

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SummaryHow do I use the call handoff feature on the RingCentral mobile app?
The Call Hand Off feature allows you to transfer between a VoIP Call to your mobile carrier to eliminate any call drop.  This can be done with a tap of a button using the RingCentral mobile app.

NOTE:  Auto Call Handoff now with Intelligent network detection – switch to available data network when Wi-Fi signal degrades or vice versa.  Feature will activate to continue calls during sudden network handoff ex. Walking out of the office on a Wi-Fi VoIP call, continue call as a 3G/4G VoIP.
Step 1:
When on a call, tap Switch to Carrier.

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Step 2:
Tap Switch.

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You have just handed off a call from VoIP to Mobile Carrier.
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