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Fax - RingCentral Fax Account Overview

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SummaryRingCentral Fax Online Account Overview
Below is a quick summary of the RingCentral Fax online account tabs.


The Overview tab of your RingCentral Fax online account displays the Recent Messages and Recent Calls of the account.  The information found under the Recent Messages and Recent Calls panels include information on the date, time, and length of the messages/calls.
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Other sections found under the Overview tab include:
• Announcements - important announcements from RingCentral.
• Resources - submit comments and suggestions to help make RingCentral Fax better and easier to use


The Messages tab views all fax messages you have received, sent, and deleted. Messages that are currently in the process of being sent can also be viewed here.
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There are four sections in the Messages tab:
• Inbox - This is where you can check for fax and voice messages that you have already received.
• Outbox - This is where you can see fax messages that are currently queued up to go out but have not yet completed.
• Sent Items - This is where faxes messages that you have sent already are stored
• Deleted Items - This is where any messages that you deleted are stored.


This Call Logs tab gets a complete record of all your inbound and outbound calls and faxes. View the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, the time, the date, and the duration of the call. Utilize the call log data to view your call and fax activity for planning and monitoring.
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The Contacts tab lets you add or edit and list down your contact recipients either personal or group. This section will also allow you to import and import contact.
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The Settings tab allows you to edit settings to your fax for notification, blocked numbers, account information and outbound fax settings.
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There are five sections in the Settings tab:
• Account Info - This section allows you to edit your account information, password and regional settings.
• Company Numbers - This section lists all the numbers in your RingCentral account. 
• Outbound Fax Settings - This is where you can change the information for your outbound fax.  Here, you can edit the cover page information and the emails permitted to send faxes.
• Caller ID & Blocked Calls - This section is where you can select caller ID that will be used when calls are made from the following devices or feature and blocked specific calls and faxes.
• Notifications - This section will let you set your account to send you e-mail or SMS notification whenever you have received fax messages. You can also be notified if the fax message you sent was successfully delivered.


The Billing tab is where you can make changes to your Service Plan, Payment Method or enable the International Calling settings for your RingCentral Fax online account.
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• Service Plan - You can review particulars of your RingCentral Fax plan, Billing Plan and Additional Services.
• Payment Method - This is where you can edit your payment mode for your service plan.
• International Calling - Enable/disable International Calling for specific countries or regions.


The Tools tab is where you can download the Mobile app and Desktop App version of your Ringcentral Fax. You can also check if your account is validated and tell a friend about the RingCentral Fax benefits and features.
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