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Send Group Message - RingCentral Phone Android

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SummaryThe RingCentral Phone for Mobile allows you to send group messages within the organization using your Android device.

Send a Group Message using the RingCentral Phone for Android

Group Messaging allows you to send a message to a group of individuals within the organization using the RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

See RingCentral Phone for Mobile - Group Messaging Overview for more information.

NOTE: Sending a text message to an external number is available for US and Canadian accounts. RingCentral UK accounts can only send text messages to contacts within the Company Directory.


1. Launch the RingCentral Phone for Mobile on your Android device.

2. Tap Messages.

Tap Messages.

3. Tap the New Text/Fax icon New Text Fax icon then select New Text.

New Text

4. Tap the Add icon to add recipients. Type your message.

NOTE: Multiple recipients can be added individually. A text message can also be sent to a Group.

Add Recipients

5. Tap Send Tap Send.

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