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Port Triggering - Set Up on a Netgear Router

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SummaryHow do I set up port triggering on a Netgear router?
Port Triggering allows you to give specialized Internet applications within a private or local network, such as VoIP or IP Phone services, access to the Internet. 

In a typical home network, routers are used to allow access to any device that connects to the local network or the Internet. A router acts like the sender and receiver of requests, allowing VoIP pass to these service ports that are Triggered. Routers have built-in security features that prevent unauthorized access to the home network. A router firewall may cause issues with your VoIP connectivity through RingCentral. 

To allow seamless Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity to your devices and the RingCentral Desktop App, ports should be triggered on your router. For more information about the list of ports that RingCentral is using, go to RingCentral Network Requirements and Recommendations.

A Netgear router's interface may differ based on its model number and version. For instructions on how to set up Port Triggering on your Netgear device, visit Netgear's Support Website, and then search for keyword: "Port Triggering"

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