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Fax - Add RingCentral Faxout to Box Account

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SummaryHow do I add the RingCentral Faxout application in my Box Account?
If RingCentral FaxOut is not yet an added application on your box account, RingCentral FaxOut will not appear as an option.  

Step 1:

Go to https://www.box.com/. Log in to your Box account.

Box Log In Page

Alternatively, you may log in using your Google account.
The sign in link is at the bottom part of the page.

Box - Google Sign In Link

Step 2:

Click Files to see the available documents.

Box - Searching for files - Files folder

Step 3:

Select the document to fax. Click the More Options button Box - More Options button which is at the right side of the file you want to fax. 
Hover the mouse over More Actions. Click Add Applications.

Box - Add Applications

Step 4:

Type "ringcentral" on the search box, then press Enter.

Box - Application Search Box

Step 5:

Click RingCentral FaxOut on the search results page.

Box - Application Search Box - RingCentral Search Results

Step 6:

Click Add.

Box - RingCentral FaxOut - App Search - Add button

Step 7:

Click Okay.

Box - RingCentral FaxOut - App Search - Add Confirmation window

Step 8:

A confirmation window will show up once RingCentral FaxOut has been successfully added to your Box account.
Click Close.

Box - RingCentral FaxOut - App added - Close button


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