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SummaryI have set up a Call Monitoring Group but it is not showing on my account. When I click Call Monitoring under Groups, it says "There are no Call Monitoring Groups added to the account".

Call Monitoring is a feature that is also commonly referred to as Monitor/Barge/Whisper. Each group consists of two sub-groups indicating users that can monitor (supervisors) and users that can be monitored (agents).


Under certain conditions when Cal Monitoring is selected within Groups, Account Administrators may see a blank screen with a message indicating that there are no groups setup even if Call Monitoring Groups exist.

This happens when either of the following conditions are met: 
1. At least 1 Call Monitoring Group exists with 0 supervisors (users that can monitor)
2. At least 1 Call Monitoring Group exists with 0 agents (users that can be monitored)

NOTE: Call Monitoring Groups that are set up previously are still in your account. Nothing is deleted. Additional set up are only needed to make these groups visible on your RingCentral Online account. Any Users that are already set up to monitor are going to be able to use their Desk phone or RingCentral Desktop Head-Up Display to continue doing so.
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1. Contact RingCentral Customer Support. 2. Select at least 1 User to be the supervisor (user that can monitor), or agent (user that can be monitored) for the impacted groups. The selected User will be set as a Super Admin (for more information, see User Roles and Permissions) so that the Call Monitoring Group can display properly on your RingCentral Online account.

3. RingCentral will provide a list of groups that were updated on your account. You can later update your Call Monitoring Group as you see fit once it shows on your RingCentral Online account.

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