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SummaryHow do I use the FaxOut feature on RingCentral for Desktop (Mac)?

FaxOut allows you to send  faxes from your computer using the RingCentral for Desktop app (Mac).  This feature is available to all RingCentral Office customers.

Step 1:

Log in to your RingCentral for desktop app.

NOTE:  Make sure you enter the correct extension number.

Step 2:

Click the FaxOut icon at the bottom panel.

Desktop App - Click FaxOut

Step 3:

Fill in the fields provided for your Fax message.

    1. To - Enter the fax number of the the recipient or select a contact by pressing the Select a contact icon Select a contact icon.

    2. Cover Page - Select from available cover page templates. 

Available commands:
Desktop App - FaxOut - Cover page commands

    3. Cover Page Note - An optional message that goes with your cover page. 

    4. Attachments - Attach files by dragging and dropping to the attachments box or by clicking the Attach file icon Desktop App - Attach file icon.

        NOTE: Check the article Supported File Attachments for Faxes to view the list of supported files.

Desktop App - FaxOut - Send Fax page

Step 4:

Click Send now to send the fax message right away.

Otherwise, click Send later.

Desktop App - FaxOut - Send Fax page - Click Send now

You have succesfully sent a fax message using the FaxOut feature of your RingCentral for desktop app.

Proceed to the next step if you choose to send the fax message at a later date/time.

Step 5:

If you chose to send it later, you will be shown a calendar.
Set the date and time when you would like the fax to be sent. 

Once the schedule is set, click Schedule send.

Desktop App - FaxOut - Send Fax page - Send later - Click Schedule send

You have succesfully scheduled a fax message to be sent later using the FaxOut feature of your RingCentral for desktop app.


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