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RingCentral Phone Mac - Access Voicemail and Faxes

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SummaryHow do I access Voicemail and Fax Messages on RingCentral for Desktop (Mac)?
Voicemail, Fax and Text Messages can be accessed at RingCentral for Desktop. Follow these steps when accessing your messages on the RingCentral for Desktop app.

Step 1:

Launch RingCentral for Desktop.

User-added image

Step 2:

Click Messages.

User-added image

Step 3:

Click the Message you need to open.

User-added image - opens a voicemail message
User-added image   - opens a fax message
User-added image  - opens a text message
User-added image - opens a group message

User-added image

Step 4:

Here you can read a brief transcription of your voicemail message through the Voicemail Preview feature, listen to a voicemail message, view a fax message, call the sender, send the sender a text message, delete, download, mark the message as unread or block the sender.

User-added image - Plays the voicemail message
User-added image - allows you to view the fax message
User-added image - lets you to call the one who left the message
User-added image - lets you  send a short message to the caller
User-added image - deletes the voicemail or fax message
User-added image- lets you save the voicemail or fax message
User-added image - lets you mark the message as unread
User-added image - blocks the number of the person who sent the message

QUICK TIP: View Voicemail messages, Fax and Text Messages by clicking the appropriate tab.

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