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SummaryRingCentral Salesforce App troubleshooting tips
You might encounter some issues with the RingCentral App for Windows. 

NOTE: You can view the Administrator and User Troubleshooting Guides on the following pages:

RingCentral for Salesforce Admin Guide 
RingCentral for Salesforce User Guide 

Below are some troubleshooting tips for the following issues:

Call Timer    

The timer in Salesforce CTI application starts ticking as soon as the destination phone number starts ringing; this may be different from the timer on user’s desk phone or softphone.

Incorrect Call Status

Occasionally the Salesforce CTI application shows the call as ringing, even though the call is already connected. This does not affect user experience with the actual call on the phone. The User can remove those call sections from the App manually.

Automatic Logout from the Application    

Occasionally users may be logged out of the application if they are inactive for some time or if they are on laptops and move between wired/wireless network connections.    

Salesforce App not loading / Unable to log in as Admin    

When opening the Salesforce app and it freezes or doesn't load or if your are able to open it but it doesn't log you in as admin, this means that you are running an older version of the app, download the latest version to resolve it 

Unable to load the Caller App for Salesforce

Most browsers block the SalesForce app by default. Typically you can bypass this by enabling the content in the browser. Firefox shown below displays a shield in the upper left-hand corner advising that the content is being blocked.
User-added image
If you click on this shield, it should give the option to enable the content. Once done, this should allow the app for the duration of that session.
User-added image

NOTE: All browsers have a similar option to allow this content to be displayed, and each should allow you to use the SalesForce App without issue.

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