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RingCentral Phone Desktop - Installing on Mac

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SummaryThis article demonstrates how you can install the RingCentral Phone for Desktop on your Mac.


How to install the RingCentral Phone for Desktop on Mac

System Requirements

For Mac OS X® 10.11 El Capitan (or later):

• Intel processor
• Minimum of 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended)
• 400 MB of free hard drive space
• Required minimum screen resolution is 1,024 x 768

IMPORTANT: Uninstall the previous version of the RingCentral Phone for Desktop before installing the new version to reduce the issues that you will possibly encounter.

1. If you are signing in from ringcentral.com, click Login, then click Admin Portal. You will then be directed to the Sign In page. Enter your RingCentral credentials to sign in.

ringcentral.com - Login - Admin Portal


Go to https://service.ringcentral.com, then log in to your RingCentral account.

2. Go to Tools Desktop Apps.

NOTE: Administrators should switch from Admin Portal to My Extension.

3. Click Download for Mac.

Download for Mac

4. Wait for the file to finish downloading and then, click Save File.

5. Once the download is done, Run the installation file.

6. Click Agree after reading the RingCentral User License Agreement and Terms of Services to continue with the installation.

7. Drag the RingCentral for Mac icon to the Applications folder.

NOTE: If you do not have Admin Rights on your Mac computer, click Authenticate, then enter the Administrator username and password. In most cases, you need to ask an IT Staff or your Systems Administrator to perform this step.

User-added image

You may now log in to your RingCentral Phone.

NOTE: Access levels on the RingCentral Phone may vary depending on the Role assigned to a User. If the User DOES NOT have the option to download the RingCentral Phone, that means that the User is assigned to a Role with restricted access to the RingCentral Phone. The User must contact the Administrator to have permission to download the RingCentral Phone.


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