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integrations - RingCentral for Desk.com Overview

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SummaryHow do I setup my Ringcentral Account with Desk.com?
Desk.com is a cloud-based customer management software for small and medium sized businesses. RingCentral for Desk.com lets you integrate your RingCentral and Desk.com accounts to streamline your customer service efforts.

With RingCentral for Desk.com you can achieve better productivity with these features:

Complete cloud-based app

• Use your browser on any platform (Windows®, Mac®); no software installation is needed.
• Make or receive calls through the RingCentral phone system, directly from your account within Desk.com

Increase call efficiency

• With simple click-to-dial from within Desk.com, you can spend more time servicing clients and less time dialing.
• Save time by eliminating misdials.

Enhance customer interaction

• Incoming callers are instantly matched to existing client records, which are automatically displayed.
• Tickets are created when a call is accepted by an agent.
To get started, make sure you have any of the following browsers supported by RingCentral for Desk.com:
• Internet Explorer 11 + (Windows XP, 7 , 8 or higher)
• Firefox 25 + (Windows, Mac)
• Chrome 30 + (Windows, Mac)
• Safari 6.0.5+ (Mac)

Step 1:
Sign in as an administrator to your Desk.com account and click the Channels icon in the top navigation bar.

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Step 2:
Enable Phone Calls under the Phone > General section.

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Step 3:
Under Phone > Integrations, click Add Integration.

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Step 4:
Enter the following details:

Name: RingCentral
URL: https://ringcentraldesk.s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/index.html
Height: 200
Width: 200

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You may also grant access to users by adding them on this page.

NOTE: On logging into the RingCentral for Desk.com, you may get this error message: “Your RingCentral edition does not support Desk.com Integration - please call your RingCentral account representative to upgrade your RingCentral edition.”  To address this issue, you may have to upgrade your account to be able to use this feature. Please contact your RingCentral representative for more information.

You have successfully set up your RingCentral for Desk.com
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