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SummaryWhat is Oracle Sales Cloud CRM Integration?


1. Key Features and Benefits
2. How it Works
3. Frequently Asked Questions

Key Features and Benefits 

100% Cloud integration. No software / Add-on download and installation.

Easy click-to-call directly from a contact; Increase an agent's productivity.

Enhanced customer interaction with automatic display of matching contact with historical activities. Matching contact automatically pops up when an incoming call arrives.

NOTE: This feature is available for RingCentral Office Premium and RingCentral Office Ultimate Edition Users.

How it Works

Oracle Sales Cloud Integration provides seamless integration between Oracle Sales Cloud and RingCentral phone system.

• Handling Incoming Calls with Matching Contacts

When you get an incoming call, Oracle Sales Cloud will automatically search for a contact that matches the caller's phone number, then displays the contact's information together with all historical activities related to the caller.

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• Handling Incoming Calls with an Unknown Caller

When you get an incoming call from an unknown caller, you will see a pop-up where you can search for a contact or enter and save the caller's information while on the call.

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• Click to Call from any Contact

Users can easily place calls by clicking on the contact's numbers. Outbound calls will utilize the RingOut feature to ring the User's device first before connecting to the dialed number.

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Oracle Sales Cloud CRM Integration Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I download this integrated app? 
A: The integration is 100% cloud and no download is needed. Your IT administrator needs to configure RingCentral as the default communication connector for your Oracle Sales Cloud CRM. 
For details, please refer to the RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud Admin Guide and User Guide.

Q: How does this app work?
A: The app runs in your Oracle Sales Cloud account, and uses the integrated RingCentral Cloud service for dialling and call handling. You can call your customers from within Oracle Sales Cloud by simply clicking on the phone number listed in your contacts. For incoming calls, the app automatically displays the matching contact names and the past activities. 

Q: Is there a dial-pad in the app that I can make outbound calls? 
A: No dial-pad is available. You can simply click a phone number from a contact to initiate calls.

Q: How can I enable the RingCentral phone system in my Oracle account? 
A: To enable RingCentral on your Oracle Sales Cloud account, follow the steps below:

Step 1: 

Click on the Navigator Icon. 

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Step 2: 

Click Customers

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Step 3: 

Click the Connector icon. 

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Step 4: 

Log in with your RingCentral credentials. 

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Step 5: 

Once your Connector status is changed to Available, you can start using the integrated RingCentral phone system to answer or make calls.

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