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Integrations - Set up Oracle Sales Cloud Integration

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SummaryHow do I integrate RingCentral with my Oracle Sales Cloud account?

Oracle Sales Cloud Integration provides seamless integration between Oracle Sales Cloud and RingCentral phone system.

To integrate RingCentral with your Oracle Sales Cloud account, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Login to your Oracle Sales Cloud account as Administrator

User-added image

Step 2: 

Click the Navigator icon. 

User-added image

Step 3: 

Click Setup and Maintenance.

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Step 4: 

Search for Manage Communication Connector, and then click on Go To Task User-added image.

User-added image

Step 5: 

Under Manage Communication Connector, select Connector Types. Click the User-added image icon to add a new connector type. Add RingCentral for Name and RingCentral for Oracle Sales for Description, then click Save

User-added image

Step 6: 

Enter the parameters or your connector type as shown below, then click Save.

User-added image  

Step 7: 

Click the Connectors Tab and click the User-added image  icon. Type RingCentral as Name and select RingCentral from the Type drop-down. Put a check in the Default checkbox to make sure your RingCentral connector is selected by default when your Users try to connect to RingCentral in their Oracle Sales account. Click Save.

User-added image   

Step 8: 

Specify the connector address as the following URL, then click Save

User-added image

You have finished the Admin configuration for RingCentral for Oracle Sales.
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