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Integrations - Using RingCentral for Oracle Sales

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SummaryHow do I use RingCentral for Oracle Sales?

Oracle Sales Cloud Integration provides seamless integration between Oracle Sales Cloud and RingCentral phone system.

To use RingCentral for Oracle Sales Cloud, follow the steps below:

Step 1:

Login to your Oracle Sales Cloud account.
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Step 2:  

Click on the Navigator Icon. 

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Step 3: 

Click Customers

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Step 4: 

Once you are on Customers screen, you will see the Connector icon with a status of Not Connected. Click the Connector icon. 

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Step 5: 

After you click on the Connector icon, it will prompt for credentials. Enter your RingCentral UserID and Password, leave the Agent Group as blank, and then click OK

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Step 6: 

After you are successfully logged in, the App status will display as Available. You can start using the integrated RingCentral phone system to answer or make calls.

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NOTE: After you answer the call on your RingCentral device, the call icon changes and the call timer gets started.

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Once you have ended the call, Oracle Sales will provide you an opportunity to document the call and Wrap Up Task for the call.

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After you click on Save and Close, the call will be added to the Contact's Activites list.

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