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RingCentral Meetings - Desktop - Share File and Screen

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SummaryRingCentral Meetings is a Cloud Video Conferencing service that gives you the power of video conferencing and web sharing, as part of your complete business communications solution. See below to lean more about Share Screen during a meeting.


Meetings - Desktop - Share File and Screen

1. When on a Meeting, click Share Screen.

2. Select Basic or Advance.

• In Basic, select a window, an application or a file to share and then click Share.

rc meetings - screen sharing

• In Advance, you can do the following:
Share Computer Sound Only 
RingCentral Meetings - Share Part of Screen    
- Share Content from 2nd Camera (if available)

You can also do the following:
• Tick on the Share computer sound and Optimize for full-screen video clip check-boxes when sharing videos to your participants.
• Click Show all windows... to view all opened windows in your computer.
• The Host and Participants can also conduct Whiteboard sharing to share Meeting agenda or content.
• When sharing screens to an iPhone/iPad, you need to follow the instructions on the iPhone or iPad to complete sharing.
• You can also zoom into shared content.


During Share Screen 

The Host and Participants using the RingCentral for Desktop can add actively do the following:

Add Notes or Annotations
• Request or Give Remote Control Access

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