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RingCentral App - Interface Overview

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SummaryThe interface of the RingCentral App shows 3 panes - the left pane, conversation stream, and the right pane. These panes organize how you view and navigate various contents on the App easily.


RingCentral App - Interface Overview

The RingCentral App's interface is divided into panes: the left pane, the conversation stream, and the right pane.

Left Pane 
Bottom Left Rail
Conversation Stream
Right Pane (Shelf)


Left Pane

The primary function of the left pane is to allow you to switch from one conversation to another, but it also provides access to other important parts of the RingCentral App, such as the Dashboard, Preferences, and Administration. See RingCentral App - Configure User Preferences for more information on how you can customize the left pane view.

The RingCentral App has sections that you can reorder in the left pane as you see fit.

• Bookmarks - This section contains messages that have been marked as important. Click on the message to jump to where it was originally posted. See RingCentral App - Bookmark Posts for more information.

• @mentions - @mentions are a great way to call someone’s attention to a specific message on RingCentral App or make reference to an item previously posted to RingCentral App. See RingCentral App - @Mentions Overview.

• Favorites - This section allows you to view your favorite Groups, People or Teams in one section. 

• TeamsThis section is where your active team conversations are listed. Clicking on the Teams link opens the complete list of active, public, archived, or teams you have created. The Plus (+) button next to the Teams link will let you create a new team.

• Groups - This section lists your Group conversations. Groups are more ad-hoc in nature than teams. 

• Direct messages - This section is where you can find your active one-on-one (i.e., you and one other person) conversations. Any time a new message is posted to a one-on-one conversation, that conversation immediately pops to the top of the list in the Direct messages section and the number of unread messages is displayed to the right. This section displays up to 60 one-on-one conversations (configurable under Preferences). The Plus (+) button next to the section name will let you create a new message. 

See RingCentral App - Left Pane for more information. 


Bottom Left Pane

The Bottom Left Pane lets you access the following:

• Glip - This lists all of your conversation with your Team, Groups, and Direct messages on the Left Pane. This also lists your Bookmarks, @mentions, and Favorites.

• PhoneThis section lets you use your RingCentral extension to make and receive calls, listen to your voicemails and view your call history directly from the RingCentral App. The Telephony feature must be enabled to allow user to place outgoing call. See RingCentral App - Telephony Overview for more information. 

• Contacts - Click this button to open your contacts list with the option to search for a specific contact.  

• Meetings - Click this button to start, schedule, or join a meeting right from RingCentral App.

• More - Click this button to launch other things you can do in RingCentral App.

• Dashboard - The Dashboard is a summary of what you've got going on. There's a snapshot of your calendar for the current week and your task list, and a list of where you've recently been @mentioned.

• Integrations - This section shows all apps that can be integrated to the RingCentral app. Click on any of the apps to add it to an existing conversation or team. See RingCentral App - Add Advanced Integrations for more information.

• Links - This section shows all links shared by people across all conversations. See RingCentral App - Search Shared Links for more information.

• Files - This section shows all files shared across all conversations. See RingCentral App - Search for Files for more information. 

• Notes - This section shows all notes that are shared across all conversations. See RingCentral App - Notes App Overview and RingCentral App - Notes App | Create, Edit and View Notes for more information.

• Calendar - This section shows all your team's events. See RingCentral App - Calendar App Overview for more information. 

• Tasks - This section shows all tasks assigned to you across all conversations and tasks you've assigned to yourself. Tasks created under this section are automatically assigned to your name. See RingCentral App - Tasks App Overview for more information. 


Conversation Stream

The goal with the RingCentral App is to keep you in the conversation stream, and out of your email inbox, as much as possible. Group-based communication is simply more efficient in a real-time free-flowing conversation stream. The RingCentral App's conversations should feel familiar. The key elements are similar to chat services you have used in the past. What sets the App apart, and what makes the conversations more collaborative and productive, is the ability to actually get work done right in the stream.

Inside the Conversation Stream, you may schedule a new calendar event, assign tasks, compose a rich-text note, create a new snippet, and share files (from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or Box)....all right from within your conversation stream.

See RingCentral App - Conversation Stream Overview for more information. 

Add - Conversation stream

Right Pane (Shelf)

The top of the Shelf or Right Pane shows all people who are participating in the conversation. The colored dot below the person's profile picture represents the person's online status or Presence. Here, you may click on someone's picture to start a one-on-one conversation or view their profile. You can also click on the Add Members button to add more people in the conversation.

This section also shows the following sections: 

• Pinned - This section shows all of the items that are saved or pinned in the conversation. Clicking on a pinned conversation post redirects you back to the original date when it was posted. Click on the drop-down arrow on the left of the section heading to collapse and save space.

• Tasks - This section shows all pending tasks. You can click on the checkbox on the left of the task to mark it complete. You can also click on the task to view its details.

• Links - This section shows all the posted links in the conversation. Click on the link to view its details. Click on the arrow icon on the right of a link to immediately open the link in a new browser tab.

• Notes - This section shows all the posted notes in the conversation. Click on a note to view or edit.

• Files - This section shows all the posted files in the conversation. Click on the file to view its details. Click on the down-arrow icon to the right of a file to download the file (or open it in Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or Evernote).  

See RingCentral App - Shelf or Right Pane for more information. 

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