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Call Monitoring - Head-up Display (HUD) | Monitor a Call | RingCentral Phone for Desktop

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SummaryCall Monitoring enables you to improve your business' call monitoring capabilities by providing features that allow you to check the quality of calls taken by your colleagues. With monitor, whisper, barge, and takeover you can either check the call, join the call, or take over the call. Call Monitoring for the desktop app has no difference in feature with the Call Monitoring feature on your Desk phone. However, with RingCentral for desktop, you have a more intuitive interface to change the call monitoring statuses without using a touch tone.  These features are available for RingCentral Office Premium and RingCentral Office Ultimate plans only.

Call Monitoring on RingCentral Phone for Desktop | Head-up Display (HUD)

On the RingCentral Phone for Desktop HUD RC App HUD icon, when an agent or user is on a call, the admin or supervisor can mouse over the user and click Monitor. If Dave monitors Amanda Paige, here's what shows up on his end:
Call monitoring button RC Phone for Desktop

When a user is being monitored, the following actions are available:
Whisperwhisper iconThis option allows the supervisor to speak with the user without interfering with the caller.
Bargebarge iconThis option allows the supervisor to join the call.
Take Overtake over iconThis option allows the supervisor to take the call and proceed without the user who answered the call.
NOTE: On-demand call recording will not work from the RingCentral for Desktop app when monitoring another call. If you need to record calls that are regularly monitored, consider automatic call recording. It is your responsibility to consider local legal responsibilities when recording phone calls.

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