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SummaryThis article provides information on how to configure an Extension's Hold Music as an Administrator. The Hold Music is what callers hear when they are placed on hold. Follow the steps below to know how.


Set up User's Hold Music 

As an Administrator, you can configure another User's or your own Hold Music settings.

Set up a User's Hold Music
Set up your own Hold Music via your own Extension Settings

NOTE:  This article assumes that you are already logged in into your online account. If not, see Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account to know how.


Set up a User's Hold Music


1. Go to Users > Users list.

9.3 users - user list


2. Under Users with Extension, click on the User that you wish to configure.

9.3 users - user list - userwithext


3. Click Screening, Greeting & Hold Music.

9.3 userwithext - screeninggreetinghold


4. On User Hours, make sure Hold Music is enabled. Click Edit to configure.

9.3 userwithext - screeninggreetinghold - hold music

A pop-up window will appear. 


5. Click Set Audio to select from RingtonesMusic, or Custom.

9.3 userwithext - screeninggreetinghold - audio whileconnecting - setaudio
• Ringtones - When you select Ringtones, callers will hear a regular ringing sound while their call is connected.
• Music - When you select Music, you can select from the pre-set music on the drop-down list. You can click the Play User-added image button to hear a sample.

9.3 userwithext - screeninggreetinghold - audio whileconnecting - setaudio 2
• Custom - When you select Custom, you can upload your custom hold music

NOTE:  File is limited to 20 mb file size, must be .mp3 or .wav, and be in the following Compression Formats: CCITT u-Law (G711a), 8kHz, 8 bit, mono, or PCM, 8kHz, 16 bit, mono.

9.3 userwithext - screeninggreetinghold - audio whileconnecting - setaudio 3


6. Click Done to save Set Audio on Hold Music


7. Click User-added image to confirm.

QUICK TIP: If you have customized your business or company hours, you may also follow the same steps for After Hours. If Call screening is OFF because the User is set to take messages only or is set to play announcements when called after hours, enable the call screening options on Call Handling and change the answering mode. See Configure a User's Call Forwarding to learn more.


Set up your own Hold Music via your own Extension Settings

On the Admin Portal page, click Admin Portal > My Extension. See Set up Hold Music for the specific steps.
9.3 admin - myext

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