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RingCentral Meetings Mobile - Launch app via RingCentral Phone

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SummaryHow do I launch RingCentral Meetings? What are other options to launch RingCentral Meetings Mobile App?

RingCentral Users can ​launch RingCentral Meetings through the RingCentral Phone for Mobile or through an email, aside from using its dedicated mobile app. RingCentral Users only need to log in once. Users will be logged in automatically the next time RingCentral Meetings is launched from these platforms.

Launching RingCentral Meetings through the RingCentral Phone for Mobile 
Launching RingCentral Meetings through an email

NOTE: RingCentral Meetings replaced the legacy dial-in numbers with (773) 231-9226 for RingCentral US customers, and +44 (203) 875-4507 for RingCentral UK customers. After the migration, the Meeting ID will be automatically validated (no need to press "1"). An error prompt appears if the Meeting ID is incorrect. Meeting security will also be enhanced by making sure the phone participants cannot enter the meeting before the host when Enable join before host (Meetings for Desktop) or Allow Join before host (Meetings Mobile App) is disabled.

Launching RingCentral Meetings through the RingCentral Phone for Mobile

Step 1: 

Launch and log in to your RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

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Step 2: 

Tap the Kebab icon (Vertical Ellipsis) to show more options..

more icon

Step 3:

Tap Meetings


NOTE: For iOS users, you will see this confirmation screen if you are not logged in to your RingCentral Meetings Mobile App. Tap Open.

RingCentral mobile app - iOS - Options - Meetings - Tap Open.

Step 4: 

You will see the RingCentral Meetings login screen. Tap Sign In and log in using your credentials.

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NOTE: You will be asked to log in once. RingCentral Meetings will log in automatically the next time you launch it through the RingCentral Mobile App and you will be redirected to RingCentral Meetings home screen. If logged out, you can tap the Continue as... button.

continue as user

Launch RingCentral Meetings through an email

Open RingCentral Meetings directly from the invitation you received through email. This can be done on your Windows or Mac computer, iOS or Android mobile.

Step 1: 

Open the RingCentral Meetings email invitation and then tap on the link to join the conference.

NOTE: Click Add to Calendar if you prefer to add the meeting to your computer or phone's calendar app. Options may vary depending on your mobile device.



Meetings App - Tap the meeting link.

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Step 2: 

If the meeting has already started, you will be asked to enter your name.

NOTE: The RingCentral Meetings Mobile App will be launched automatically and it will no longer require you to enter the passcode to join the conference call.

Meetings App - Enter your name, then tap Continue.

Otherwise, you will see this screen instead.

Meetings App - Waiting for Host.


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