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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Call-to Number Display

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SummaryHow do I know which number my caller dialed to reach me?

The RingCentral mobile app offers DNIS (Dialed Number Identification Service). This feature enables you to see which number your caller dialed to reach you via the Detail View of your RingCentral mobile app's Messages or Call Log section.

This article shows you how you can view this information.

Step 1: 

Launch the RingCentral mobile app.

Mobile app icon

Step 2:

Tap on either Messages or Call Log.

Mobile app - Tap Messages or Call Log

Step 3: 

Tap the Info icon. 

User-added image

Step 4: 

You will be able to see which of your phone numbers an incoming caller dialed in the detailed view.

User-added image


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