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RingCentral App - View images | Interactive viewer

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SummaryThe RingCentral App features an interactive image viewer that displays your uploaded image as large as it will fit in your browser window. It also lets you reply to images that have been shared and also lets you do image annotation.

View images - Interactive viewer

When you click on an image that has been uploaded to the RingCentral App, either from the stream, right pane or the Files app, it is displayed in the app's Interactive Viewer. The image is displayed as large as it will fit in your browser window so that you get a great view of your digital media.

User-added image

Left and right arrows at the bottom allow you to move back and forth through all of the images in the current conversation. The up and down arrows allow you to move between different versions of a given image.

Arrow buttons

Buttons at the bottom-right allow you to perform the following actions:

Upload New Version
Download Original
View in Tab
View the conversation where this was first posted
 Pin to the shelf (for everyone in this conversation)
• Move


User-added image


Replies and Image Annotation

As with other content types on the RingCentral App, you can reply to images that have been shared. These replies are attached to specific points on the image, essentially allowing you to do image annotation.

You can imagine how this comes in handy when you are collaborating on some digital media. Want this shade of blue to be darker? Need this corner rounded more? Need some copy changed? Reduce the back-and-forth by having your feedback directly connected to the spot on the image that you’re referencing. You can upload a file as a reply (e.g., “Here’s an example of the color I’d like to see here.”) or even post a task to make sure your requested changes actually get done.

When you click on an image on the RingCentral App, it is opened in the Interactive Viewer, where you can simply click anywhere to add a reply. Click + to the left of the compose box to reply with a task or a file.

Replies Image Annotation

The pins on the image represent previous replies. Just click on a pin to see the replies. If there are any incomplete tasks associated with a given pin, the icon in the pin will be an unchecked task box. When all of the tasks associated with a pin are completed, the icon changes to a checked task box.

As with all messages posted to the RingCentral App, the replies appear right in the conversation stream, with a reference to the image itself. Click on the Proof_Flyer.jpeg link and it will open the image in the Interactive Viewer with the pin corresponding to this reply already selected.

Unchecked Task Box


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