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RingCentral App - Configure Settings | Administrator

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SummaryThe Administration page can be found under the company menu at the top of the left pane, and is only accessible by users that are administrators for your company on RingCentral. The page is broken into the following sections.
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RingCentral App - Configure Settings | Administrator



The Administrators section lists all of your company's RingCentral App administrators (admins). By default, the first person at your company to sign up for RingCentral App is an admin. The person who makes the payment when you subscribe to RingCentral App's Standard plan also becomes an admin.

add admins

When you mouse over an admin's entry in the list, a gear menu appears at the right with options to remove the person's admin rights or view their profile.

Admins on RingCentral App can: 

• Remove people from your company on RingCentral App, whether its a co-worker or guest. Non-admins can only remove people that have been added, but haven't actually signed up yet.

• Unlock accounts that have been locked for too many failed login attempts. You'll see a red Unlock button next to entries on the People page that have been locked.

• See all guests (i.e., people not on your company's private email domain) on the People page, whereas non-admins can only see guests that they are in a conversation with.

• Delete posts made by other people. Note, though, that admins can't delete posts from conversations in which they aren't a participant.

• Assign admin privileges to other co-workers.

Export company data, although this can be limited to a subset of admins. See Compliance Exports for more information.


Company Settings

This section contains administrative settings that apply to your entire company on RingCentral App.  

• Company name - Allows administrators to change the company's name on RingCentral App. Click the Rename button and type your new company name.

• Enable Telephony Service to allow Users in your RingCentral Office account to use RingCentral App Desktop and mobile apps for calls, voicemails and text messages. When enabled for the account, all Users in the account will be able to use the telephony functionality. To guide you with enabling Telephony Service, go to RingCentral App - Telephony Overview.

• File Sharing - Controls which services may be used to share file. RingCentral App administrators may select which file sharing options their employees are allowed to use. They can shut them all OFF or only allow employees to use a specific service, such as Dropbox. When specific services are turned OFF, they are no longer available for selection in the various places you can upload files (for example, in the Compose menu, or the Attach Files menu when creating a task, etc.).

• Allow Giphy Sharing? - Determine whether or not users can share GIFs from Giphy and, if so, what is the maximum rating allowed.

• Allow off-domain co-workers? - Allows admins to determine whether or not people without an email address on the company's private domain can be added as a co-worker. Obviously only applies to companies with a private domain (i.e., not webmail companies). If a company doesn't allow off-domain co-workers, those people are automatically added as guests.

• Allow employees to add people to RingCentral App? - Invite controls allow admins to determine whether or not employees can add people (either co-workers or guests) to RingCentral App. If admins don't allow employees to add people, all of the places where you can invite people to RingCentral App are suppressed unless the user is an admin.

• Allow integrations from RingCentral App Gallery -  Allows admins to determine whether or not people can add integrations in the RingCentral App.


Data Retention Policies

By default, all messages and content on RingCentral App is kept forever, but data retention policies allow you to have messages automatically deleted after a certain period of time. See Message Storage and Account Data Retention.


Compliance Exports

Export your company's data on RingCentral App, for either compliance purposes or just peace of mind. See RingCentral App - Compliance Exports | Administrator for more information. 


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