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RingCentral Meetings - Microsoft Outlook Plugin | Windows

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SummaryThe RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Microsoft Outlook provides seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook on Mac and Windows. It allows users to to schedule an online meeting within Outlook and it automatically syncs with the RingCentral Meetings server. Users can also start an online meeting by clicking the RingCentral Meetings icon within Outlook.

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Microsoft Outlook Plugin for Windows

Key Features and Benefits
Download and Install the RingCentral Meetings Plugin
Schedule a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook
Update a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook
Start a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook

Key Features and Benefits

Boost productivity by starting a web meeting within Outlook.

Click to schedule a meeting with dial-in bridge and online meeting access within Outlook.

Automatically syncs meeting with the RingCentral Meetings App.

No need to copy and paste RingCentral Meetings details to your calendar.

Cancel a meeting in Outlook and the meeting is automatically removed from My Meetings list in the RingCentral Meetings app.

NOTE: The plugin will still be installed successfully even without the RingCentral Meetings app installed on your system. However, when you attempt to schedule a meeting or start a meeting, it will prompt users to download and install the RingCentral Meetings app to the latest version. Also, in order to start or schedule a meeting, the user has to be logged in to RingCentral Meetings.

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Download and Install the RingCentral Meetings Plugin

1. Go to the Downloads page and locate Meetings Outlook Plugin.

2. Look for the PC column, then download the version for your role (Administrator or User).

3. Restart Outlook after the installation to complete the process.

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Schedule a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook

1. Click the Schedule a Meeting under the Home tab on your Outlook app's ribbon.

This will switch to the RingCentral Meetings for Desktop.

RingCentral Meetings Plugin for Outlook - click Schedule a Meeting

2. Fill in the required information on the meeting invite as you would normally do on Outlook.

The RingCentral Meetings URL will be auto-generated in the Location field, which is also included in the default text in the body of the invite.

3. Click Send when done.

NOTE: You can also configure the Location field for presenting the Meeting link.

The meeting will be automatically synced with the RingCentral Meetings app.

NOTE: When a RingCentral Meeting is canceled from the Outlook calendar, it will be automatically removed from the RingCentral Meetings app. However, if the meeting is deleted from the RingCentral Meetings app, the changes will NOT impact the Outlook calendar.

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Update a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook

1. Double-click to open the scheduled meeting in your Outlook calendar.

2. Click Cancel to cancel your meeting. This will also cancel the scheduled meeting in your RingCentral Meetings for Desktop.

Click Change Settings to update your meeting.

Click Cancel or Change Settings

3. Update the meeting details in the Schedule a Meeting pop-out window. Click Continue.

4. Click Send Update when done.

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Start a RingCentral Meeting within Outlook

1. Click Start Instant Meeting from Outlook.

2. Select between Start with video or Start without video.

Start Meeting with or without video

3. Click Invite on the Meetings dashboard to manually invite participants.

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