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SummaryWhen a new user account has been created, the user will receive an email that contains a link to the account activation page, and the Express Setup tool. Go ahead and click the link on the email. This article describes the full User Express Setup experience when using the Express Setup tool. Click on the links and follow the steps to learn the process.
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User Express Setup

New Users can setup their account using the Express Setup tool. The account should have been created by the Administrator prior to this step. 
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The Express Setup tool will assist users with setting up their User Info, Regional Settings, Call Forwarding Settings, and Voicemail Greetings. The account needs to be activated first before the user proceeds to Express Setup. This is done by setting up the security information of the account.

Activating the Account: Security Information

1. Create Password. Follow the Password Criteria when creating a password. Once done, click Continue.
NOTE: For Google tagged accounts you may skip setting up a RingCentral password and login to your account using your Google account. Go to RingCentral Login Integrations for more information about using google email as your login.

2. Create PIN. Follow the PIN Criteria when creating a PIN. Once done, click Continue.

3. Choose a Security Question and Answer. Once done, click Continue.

The Express Setup Tool

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Setting Up User Info

1. Click User Info.

2. Review User Info details, and edit as needed. Once done, click Continue.

3. Review Regional Settings, and edit as needed. Once done, click Continue.

NOTE: The user hours and regional/time zone settings you set on your user info will sync with your assigned deskphone or RingCentral Phone. For more information, go to Polycom Phones - Set or Change Date and Time.


Setting Up Call Forwarding


1. Click Add Phones.

NOTE: You can skip this step (optional). The tool will proceed to setting up voicemail.
2. Click Add Devices.

3. Enter your forwarding numbers: Home, Mobile Others. Once done, click Next.

4. Select your preferred Call Handling option: Simultaneously or Sequentially. If you select Sequentially, you can arrange the order of phone numbers by dragging up or down. Once done, click Save.

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If you need to edit this setting, click Change.


Setting Up Voicemail Greeting


1. Click Customize.

NOTE: Optionally, you can select Keep Default.

2. To use custom voicemail greeting, select Custom.

NOTE: You can either Record Over the Phone or Import an audio file.

Once everything is setup, click Finish Setup.

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You will then be redirected to a page where you can download the RingCentral Apps and RingCentral Phone. Once done, click Next.

You are now done setting up your account. Click Go to My Account to start using RingCentral.

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