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RingCentral Phone Mobile - Spotlight Search for Contacts

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SummaryCan I use Spotlight search to find RingCentral Contacts on my iPhone?

Spotlight Search is a feature that allows iOS users to search for contents based on suggestions from Siri. Users can utilize the feature to look for a RingCentral contact without launching the RingCentral Mobile app for placing phone calls. Your contacts' profile images are displayed when you search for them under Spotlight Search.

The Spotlight Search feature is available for iPad and iPhone in iOS 9 or later. Check Apple's Support website for more information about this feature.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you add RingCentral to the list of applications to include in your Spotlight searches. For more information, visit Apple's Support website.

To place a call or send a message to a RingCentral contact through Spotlight Search, follow the steps below: 

Step 1: 

Launch Spotlight.

Step 2: 

Type the name of a RingCentral Contact in the search box. Tap the name of the contact in the search results.

Spotlight Search on iOS 9 or later

Step 3: 

The Contact Info of the selected contact will be displayed with the following buttons.

Tap the buttons to send a Text message User-added image or, a Fax User-added image.

Make a Call User-added image  or open Glip to communicate with the selected contact. 

Contact Info

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