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RingCentral Rooms - Getting Started

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SummaryRingCentral Rooms is the “Every Room” video conferencing solution. It is a next-generation cloud-based video conference room solution without the expensive proprietary hardware needed with traditional video conference room systems. It is easy to configure with off-the-shelf equipment and delivers HD video, audio, and web conferencing capabilities. 
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Getting Started with RingCentral Rooms  


Key Features

• Start or join a meeting directly from the RingCentral Rooms
• Calendar integration with Google, Microsoft Exchange/ Office 365
• Ability to see a list of scheduled meetings and one-tap to start a meeting
• Screen sharing with Wi-Fi or Airplay 
• Dual or three screens can show active speaker/gallery view and shared content
• Multiple MXL USB microphone support
• New Device Support


To get started with RingCentral Rooms

1. Be an Administrator or a User with an administrative role to set up RingCentral Rooms. The Administrator or User should be able to access RingCentral Rooms access under Tools > Meetings. See User Roles and Permissions to learn how to assign roles to Users.

Super Admin
• Phone System Admin
• User Admin
• Custom Role

2. Download the RingCentral Rooms User Guide 

3. Purchase RingCentral Rooms License

4. Acquire the specific system requirements for RingCentral Rooms 

5. Set up the hardware for RingCentral Rooms in your conference room

6. Download and install the RingCentral Rooms

7. Add RingCentral Rooms with any of the following:

RingCentral Rooms - Add a Room  
RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Google Calendar
RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Office 365
• RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Exchange 2013 / 2016
• RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Exchange 2010
• RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Exchange 2007 

NOTE: You can also set up your manually provisioned IP Phone for your RingCentral Rooms. See RingCentral Rooms - Set Up an IP Phone (Manual Provisioning).

Once all the requirements are met above, you can go ahead and set up RingCentral Rooms.

Click on any of the links below to know how to maximize the features of your RingCentral Rooms.

• RingCentral Rooms - Manage Rooms
• RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Manage via Online Account
• RingCentral Rooms - Automatically Start / Stop scheduled meetings
• RingCentral Rooms - Hide Sensitive Information, Host and Meeting ID
• RingCentral Rooms - Kiosk mode 
• RingCentral Rooms - iPad Controller Overview
• RingCentral Rooms - Download Rooms Controller for your iPad or Android tablet
• RingCentral Rooms - Camera Control Presets on iPad Controller
• RingCentral Rooms - Schedule and Book a Room from 2nd iPad
• RingCentral Rooms - Power ON / OFF CEC TVs via iPad Controller
• RingCentral Rooms - Screen Share Using Airplay Mirroring
• RingCentral Rooms - Switch to specific active camera
• RingCentral Rooms - Proximity Sharing
• RingCentral Rooms - Digital Signage
• RingCentral Rooms - Use passcode to exit a Room
• RingCentral Rooms - Weekly System Restart
• RingCentral Rooms - Set up Email Alerts for Event Notifications

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RingCentral Rooms Frequently Asked Questions 

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