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RingCentral Rooms - Add a Room

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SummaryYou can add a RingCentral Rooms with no Calendar integration. You can start a meeting by clicking or tapping on the following buttons:

• Meet Now - This option will allow you to start a new meeting.
• Join - This option will allow you to manually enter the Meeting ID and join a meeting.
• Presentation - This option will allow you to share content on TV(s) with meeting attendees in the conference room.


RingCentral Rooms - Add a Room  

1. Log in to your RingCentral Online Account as an Administrator

2. Hover over Tools, then click Meetings.

3. Click RingCentral Rooms.

4. Click Add Room.

 rc rooms add room

5. Enter the Room name.

QUICK TIP:  If you have multiple office locations, it is recommended to create a Room name or naming convention that makes it easier to find and select the conference room when configuring the RingCentral Rooms Mac and iPad clients. A typical naming convention consists of [Office Location] - [Conference Room Name]. For example: "SF - Ocean Beach", "DEN - Breckenridge".

rc rooms add room enter name

NOTE: You can add a room without a calendar service. If you'd like to add a room with a calendar service, integrate the calendar first to properly use a Room with a calendar service. Click on the links below to learn how:

RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Google Calendar
RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Exchange 2013 / 2016
RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Exchange 2010 
RingCentral Rooms - Calendar Integration | Add Microsoft Exchange 2007

6. Select the Room Type.

7. Click Finish to confirm the setup.

To add another room, click Save & Add Another and repeat steps 4 to 6.

The list of rooms you have added will be displayed in the Rooms tab. They will also now be available to be used.

Once the configuration has been finished, you can go ahead and set up Rooms. More information is available on RingCentral Rooms - Setting up.  

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