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SummaryThis article provides instructions on how you can speed dial a contact using your Polycom VVX Series or Polycom SoundPoint IP phone.


Deskphones - Polycom | Speed Dial - Using Speed Dial 



You must assign an index number to contacts that you will call most often. The index number will be used for Speed Dialing. For instructions, visit Deskphones - Polycom | Speed Dial - Adding Favorite Contacts | RingCentral.


Speed Dialing on Polycom VVX phones

1. Select New Call.
2. From the Dialer, select Favorites.
3. Select a favorite, and then select Dial.

NOTE: On VVX 500/501 and 600/601 phones, the call is automatically placed after you select a favorite.


Speed Dialing on Polycom SoundPoint IP 321 / 331 / 335

To call a speed dial number, use the dial pad to enter the speed dial index followed by the # key, and then press the Dial key or pick up the handset to place a call.


Speed Dialing on Polycom SoundPoint IP 450 / 550 / 560 / 650 / 670


To speed dial a contact, press the Up Arrow key followed by the contact’s speed dial index. 


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